Church Officers

Board of Deacons:

Co-Moderators: Helen Best and Wayne Dockery

The Board of Deacons meets monthly immediately following worship. This group is a ministry of sympathy, witness and service. Each church member and regular attendee is cared for by a specific Deacon each year.

Class of 2017: Helen Best, Julie Duncan, Pam Pope, Chris Roberts

Class of 2018: Jo James, Wayne Dockery, Madeline Horne, Kay Taylor

Class of 2019: Sue Avera, Bobby Cox, Eve Creech, Cindy Smith

Session 2016


Moderator: The Reverend Joseph L. Hester, Jr.

Clerk of Session: Debbie Jacobs

The Session meets quarterly immediately following worship. This group is the ministry of oversight.

Class of 2017: Kelly Coats, Linda Crowder, Myra Wallace

Class of 2018: Harold Allen, Courtney Scott, Jennifer Templeton

Class of 2019: Tom Barwick, Judy Miller, Sandy Perkinson

Pastoral Aides:

Session has selected two individuals to work with the pastor and members needing pastoral care. Currently, the Pastoral Aides are Dot Ellmore and Betsy Olive. These special, caring individuals visit the sick and shut in on a regular basis and assist members and families during times of crisis.


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