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Educational Development Quadrant

Mission: To teach God’s word to people of all ages, expanding our knowledge of His word, and growing in biblical understanding in an effort to lead to enhanced spirituality.

Quadrant Chair: Kelly Coats

Mission and Outreach Quadrant

Mission: To promote the development of opportunities for reaching people who are seeking a church home, to becoming the presence of Christ in the community through service, and to increase membership participation and discipleship.

Quadrant Chair: Tom Barwick

Spirituality Quadrant

Mission: To encourage and support personal and communal growth in relationship with God through the maintenance of sacred space for the regular observance of prayer and worship within the community of faith, and to further the development of leaders and youth in service to God.

Quadrant Chair: Sandy Perkinson

Stewardship Quadrant

Mission: To identify, use, and maintain our resources, time, and talents to the glory of God.

Quadrant Chair: Judy Miller