Liturgical Space Team

Chair: Betsy Olive

Mission: The Liturgical Space Team serves as a steward to provide and maintain sacred physical space and resources (tools/equipment) for the necessary, essential, and proper conduct of the proclamation of the Word, regular observance of the sacraments, the rituals of life and death and resurrection within the community of community of faith.


  • Communion set up and maintenance
  • Funeral Guild
  • Columbarium
  • Wedding Guild
  • Sanctuary flowers
  • Acolytes and Trinity ringers equipment maintenance
  • Prayer Room
  • Advent decorations
  • Harvest decorations
  • Lenten Decorations

Worship Leadership Team

Chair: Judy Daniels

Mission: The Worship Leadership Team provides for leadership, leadership training, and mentoring that the gifts and talents of the church membership should be shared and faithfully exercised.


  • Preacher (liturgist/worship leader)
  • Chancel choir
  • Handbell choir
  • Lay Readers
  • Time with Children leaders
  • Ushering
  • Worship bulletins
  • Scheduling of Trinity ringers and acolytes
  • Montreat Music and Worship conference
  • Youth Sunday

Special Services and Personal Support Team

Chair: Joy Worsham

Mission: The Special Services and Personal Support Team provides for the observance of special church calendar observances and events (seasons and celebrations) and programs that further develop the personal participation of individuals (discipleship) in worship as part of daily (and seasonal) life and strengthen the corporate nature of the faith community in relation to the worship observance of the Lord’s Day.


  • Prayer Vigils
  • Care group calls/ visits
  • Pastoral Aides
  • Prayer Chain
  • Deacons
  • Home communion
  • Hearing devices
  • Infant/Worship nursery/childcare for special events
  • Older Adult Ministry award
  • All Saints service
  • Ash Wednesday service
  • Christmas Eve service
  • Good Friday service
  • Holy Week Pilgrimage
  • Midweek Lenten services
  • Christmas in a Barn
  • World Orphan Sunday
  • Advent devotionals